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Thread: anyone want to help me out?

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    SHADOW2436 Guest

    anyone want to help me out?

    im tryin to get some games from the psn store anyone know if this proxy thing works or not

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    jhfit Guest
    there is plenty of info on here you can search...

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    Apr 2005
    I love how he wants help, but doesn't take the time to post any detailed info on what he's tried, where he's stuck exactly, etc.

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    Kraken Guest
    I think I know what he wants: No, you cannot get full games using the the proxy, unless your firmware is really old and even then you can get only lemmings and rub-a-dub. You CAN however get updates and demos that you wouldn't normally have access to because of firmware or region.

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    triple7 Guest
    I'm on 2.01 and have successfully downloaded and installed both Pain and Pixeljunk Monsters via Proxomitron.

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    bigblockchev Guest



    Have you been able to transfer license files with Proxomitron with any different result?

    Do Pain and Pixeljunk Monsters play for you now?

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