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Thread: Anyone received their free PS3 yet?

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    IanJ Guest

    Anyone received their free PS3 yet?

    From the Sony Bravia deal?

    I bought one just before Christmas (In Aus) and sent off the docs. It says it should be here within 28 working days.

    Who says you don't need more than 1 PS3?

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    bennyvo Guest
    28 working days is about 6 weeks, so don't expect it to arrive any sooner than 3 weeks.
    Quite a number of people phone sony and ask if their claim mail have arrive yet, the guy/lady said they don't know yet coz there's a bag of mail that have not been open.

    So I guess its gonna take as much as 6 weeks.

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    Siptang Guest
    sometimes even more. For my example, it took them 8 weeks to send GoW demo disc from playstation underground and also took more then 6 weeks for the free casino royale to arrive @ my friend's house in London.

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    stinkyspy Guest
    Anyone know if this deal applies in the UK? ive searched the sony and sony card site but it dont say!


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    IanJ Guest
    I think it's just Aus and the US at the moment.

    I received my casino royale disc within a week of registering on line. So I guess it's a lottery :-D

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    keyz Guest
    Bought a 40" W on the 24th of December.
    Sent the stuff to Sony on the 27th.
    It's a hard wait.

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    bennyvo Guest
    Bought mine on the 26th and send on the 27th.
    I just heard sony start processing the mail today 07/01/08. If they do first come first serve, we would expect to receive the ps3 within two weeks from now, but who knows.

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    IanJ Guest
    Received today!!!!!!

    firmware version 2.01 and working superbly :-D

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    dragon84 Guest
    hey ianj how is the ps3 delivered by? registered post?

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    IanJ Guest
    It was registered post but the postman just dumped it on my doorstep!

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