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    IanJ Guest

    Anyone know if a universal remote works with PS3?

    As the title states, I am looking for a universal remote that will play nice with my PS3. Just moved house and got all my toys hooked up properly and would like to just have 1 remote for media.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Hey, i have a harmony 520 (logitech) that works. You need a IR usb adaptor to plug into your PS3, as the ps3 does not use IR technology. Hope that helps .

    You can even get one which controls the power to the ps3, cant remember the site where i got mine, but it is to do with the IR adaptor. Good luck.

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    IanJ Guest
    I do like the harmony, but i'd rather not use an IR adaptor if I don't have to (few enough USB ports and too many toys!)

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    It would have to have bluetooth then - otherwise your SOL.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    As far as i know, their isnt any bluetooth universal remotes available. Maybe give it another year or so and perhaps maybe TV's and other devices might catch on to what the ps3 has.

    However, i do remember reading an article which a guy had turned his ps3 bluetooth remote into a IR receiver. I dont think anything eventuated as far as mass production with this item.

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    IanJ Guest
    Thanks Darkarchon. Any linkies to the article? I guess I'll just need to be patient. What annoys me is I've just got a new Bravia and it doesn't even play nice. The Bravia remote doesn't even play nice with my Sony amp

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Browsing the internet, i came across this universal remote. It claims that it is compatible with the ps3.


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    IanJ Guest
    got me all excited... it's just ps2 so still IR

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    zakkaz Guest
    The best solution at the moment is the IR2BT (www.ir2bt.com)

    I have a Harmony one remote and it works beautifully with that. It is easy and simple to setup, since the device is registered at the logitech hardware database.

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    IanJ Guest
    Wow this looks excellent. Just surfing their forums now to see if anyone has any difficulties with setups.

    Thanks Zakkaz!

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