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    eljo28 Guest

    anyone know how to launch split PS3 games?

    i was copying my game dynasty warriors 7 to open manager 2.1, then it was finish now im trying to launch it but it says "you cannot launch split games".

    pls help! i really wanna play the game.

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    Apr 2005


    Not sure if these will help, but from a quick search:



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    eljo28 Guest
    thanks i'll try

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    severusx Guest
    There are 2 ways to do it. The easier way is to move the game to your internal using MultiMan. It will automatically re-join the data and make the game playable. The second is to install MultiMan and use the BDEMU2.PKG bd-rom emulator to allow MultiMan to play split games. Either way, I recommend you get rid of Open Manager and use MultiMan, it's a lot easier.

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    eljo28 Guest
    i can't my dad really trust open manager, and are there any more ways to launch a split games without deleting open manager?

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    quotejoss Guest
    you don't have to delete open manager, you can have both.

    make sure you change the mm payload to hermes when you want to play split games.

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