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Thread: Anyone hear of PS3 flasher?

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    Anyone hear of PS3 flasher?

    Any one heard of this... i ran into this on my other modding websites. This tool will make my life a whole lot easier in the area i program (not even gaming related which is why this is so odd i came across it on this site).

    It also states it will be flashing 360's with kernel 8xxx and above i think by flashing a bootloader over to allow access. anyway its just weird i came across this on the other side of the planet.

    I'm thinking its going to be manufactured in the uk or china as he states in his post he will not sell them because of legality. i do not think its a fluke because mainly this tool is used for other purposes but i guess some ps3 support now, as he is the admin of the forum so i take his word for it.

    To quote his post...
    Re: USB Jtag Codename (BT) Rev1

    There is a ps3 flasher also, but I will not be selling that, as it is illegal to sell in the USA because it stores the ps3 keys directly on it.
    Anyone hear of this or have any info they would like to share?

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    If I had to guess, he's likely talking about the Infectus Mod which allows you to backup and restore the PS3 flash. Here are some links on it, but be aware it doesn't work on PS3 Firmware around 2.20 or newer unfortunately.

    Official Site Guide:

    Another Infectus Guide:

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