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    Sep 2010

    anyone get gta iv working?

    Im referring to grand theft auto iv. i was able to install it to the internal hdd but after it loads new hangs on trying to load the 1st scene.

    Its just a black screen w/ the cousins bellic in the bottom right corner. i have 3.41 firmware, bm v.1.1, psgroove hex. most other games work fine except for 5 ive come across. the compatibility list says Mandatory data install which i dont know what that means? i tried to do update patch through the ps3 but of course that failed.

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    Mar 2010
    mandatory data install is when the game installs to the hdd or gamedata, i got it working no problem, even updated to get trophys.

    have you tried anothe manager? as i have noticed some games work with some managers vice/versa.

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    Feb 2008
    I use OM_BG_Jurai_oct3_344pm version and boots without disc wicked on second island now, I havent updated it yet, but works fine m8. I got the Jurai Open Manager from off this site m8 so use that its The Dogs Version far as I am concerned....

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