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Thread: Anybody please identify this board?

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    axpk95 Guest

    Anybody please identify this board?


    i was given this key , its a ps3key clone i think the serial and reg codes are registered on ps3key site but i can't update it
    anyone have any clue what it is? thanks

    UPDATE: I can run blackops with the key so some software is installed on it i don't know what though i can't sign into psn it asks me to update.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Plug into PC search device and you may get lucky and it labels the Jailbreak, and don't say generic usb. Other than that ?? Google image ps3 key and see if you can find a picure, usually there is a label under the picture describing the pic. Painstaking but that is your option if nobody jumps on here and says "thas XXXXX board"

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    modmate Guest
    That looks like a AT90USB162 , so a Atmel chip. Get yourself the atmel Flip tool, install the drivers in program directory and choose the proper board (AT90usb162) and try to open it with Flip. For the hex i guess you can use the one for Teensy v1. Not the ++ version!!

    Edit: Well the photo quality isnt that good and i cannot see a upgrade button on that thing. In this case you have to figure out how to reset that stick. You`ll need to solder anyway then.

    I guess its a AT90usb162 or a USB-A3-V2.0 (Atmel).

    Greets Modmate

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yes looks like Atmel, but tell us the number of the board which is written on it.

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    axpk95 Guest
    yes my iphone sucks for photos it shows in in windows as a generic usb hub. then after a few seconds ot changes to ps3key usb device 1.0c

    installed flip chose AT90usb162 tried to open usb port and it failed cannot open port.

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    axpk95 Guest
    opened the key as a usb device and it has 4 files inside it


    the index.htm says
    PS3KeyBootloader: 1.03
    Firmware: 1.0c 3.41

    Apparently its a silabs key
    just updated it i hope

    Bootloader: 1.03
    Firmware: 4.3h !!!!

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