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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] Anybody get DDR and Pad to work on PS3?

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    I bought DDR Extreme for my kids for X-mas and thought it would work on the PS3. The $CEA website says there are no major issues. The game loaded up and seems to work, however, the whole screen is shifted to the right a little bit and the pad is not responding. I have a React pad that is connected through a ps2/usb adapter. The PS3 does not see the pad and I am assuming that it won't because it doesn't have the big PS button to push when prompted. I couldn't get the PS2 wireless controller to work either and I'm guessing this is the same problem. I did plug both into my PS2 and they work fine, so it is not the hardware with problems, I think it is just the inability of the PS3 to detect it. Has anyone found a way around this? The regular PS2 controllers work by just pushing the analog button. Anybody experiencing similar problems? I heard Guitar Hero doesn't work either on PS3...:??

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    I haven't tried this but try holding the PS button on your PS3 controller and switch between analog and digital
    Other than that, try a good old fashioned google search.

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    I would recommend purchasing another ddr dance pad that connects through the ps2 controller port. The reason is because a ps3/ps2 controller adapter is going to be released in Feb. You can check it out on gamestop's website. If worse comes to worse just stick with the ps2 when playing extreme.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! I have tried everything and nothing is working. For now, it looks like I will be using the PS2 for something other than a dust collector. Happy New Years!

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    Just read in the forums that there's a psx to pc usb adapter available at radioshack that allows you to use psx and ps2 controllers on the ps3. Since the react pad connects directly through usb this adapter is useless, but if you use a dance pad that connects like a regular controller, the adapter just might work. If I get the adapter I'll post the results.

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    I am using the React pad with the PS2 connector and a PS2 to USB adaptor. I didn't see any USB connection dance pads. Maybe that is what I need? A USB dance pad?

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    Oh no you've got the right type of dance pad. Sorry, I got the impression that the dance pad you had only connected through USB. I'm gonna get the pc to psx usb adapter on Tuesday and let you know what happens. BTW, Happy New Year!

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    Happy new year back at ya! Let me know if you get it to work. I haven't had any problems with any other games. The psx to usb adapter works great for the oem sony controllers. I don't know about any other ones except the wireless one that I have doesn't work on it. I played the original SOCOM online the other day and had no problems. The OEM SOCOM USB headset also works perfectly for anything and everything. I had fun playing Resistance online. Keep me posted or let me know if you want me to try anything on my end.

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    Went to Radioshack yesterday and picked up a psx/pc usb adapter. Unfortunately it doesn't work since no DDR pads have analog. Looked through eBay and found a psx/pc usb adapter that allows you to switch between digital and analog. So I'm guessing if you connect your ddr pad to your ps3 using this adapter then switch from digital to analog, the ps3 should be able to recognize the pad. I asked the seller about it. If I find out anything else I'll let you know. Have far are you in Resistance? Have you beaten it yet? Don't forget to try the 2 player co-op mode.

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    I haven't done this for this game BUT definitely hook the DDR pad up, use the ps3 controller to start the game, if the game doesn't detect the ps3 controller as Player 1, hold the PS button switch to player one, hold the PS button again, switch to digital, hold the PS button again switch the PS3 controller to Player 2, should work because of the way controllers are assigned via USB on the PS3.

    PLEASE let me know if it works, I am out of town and haven't been back to Orlando to play the game with my friends (who own it) (I got the PS3 :-P)


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