Bootybank - I have about 11 hours into Resistance and I'm close to the end. It's hard to tell where you are at because I don't know how long the game is and there isn't a map that shows. I'm going off the locations thinking I'm at the second to last. My wife just saw your post, so we will be trying the co-op game soon.

hacked 2123 - I did try what you said, but the PS3 doesn't recognize the pad, so it doesn't do anything by switching the controller to number whatever. I tried that as well. I tried starting the game with the pad hooked up and not hooked up. The game starts and plays and reacts to the controller. I just can't get the PS3 to recognize the pad. It's a total bummer. However, I will say that it does recognize the psx/usb adapter and actually adds another port because the adapter is good for two controllers. Keep up the thoughts and let me know if you figure anything out. I'm gonna hook it back up this weekend and try everything again. :hitw