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    cyberfix Guest

    Anybody able to get SingStar volumes combined to one?

    Note: I have not been able to get working

    I was researching this a little a couple of weeks ago. There were some posts on other sites that I came across that mentioned you can combine songs of two singstar disc, etc.

    It said that you install one to your hard drive, then you copy the PKD files from another one into the USRDIR. So, I copied one SS to my external hard drive, then I copied the PKD files from another SS to that USRDIR. I had the original Pack0.pkd and Pack1.pkd. I copied the new PKD from the second SS title as files pack2.pkd and pack3.pkd. Once I booted up, the game worked, but it only contained one of the SS files and my downloaded content.

    Downloaded songs are located:

    The files end ".PKG.DRM". I think this means they are PSN signed package files.

    I hope somebody with more knowledge discovers a way to download from SS site or rip protection and account info from purchased ones. This maybe possible with all of the tools that have been released, but I have not had time to delve into that.

    Also, it would be great to be able to combine all the content from all discs including the songs from a SS for PS2 disc. The PS2 discs seem to have a different format. There has been some ramblings of people getting those to run from the hard drive too, but it was more complicated.

    Hopefully somebody will figure it all out. Anybody else have info to share or have this working?

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    tekken57 Guest
    I've tried pretty the same thing with the same results. I imagine that there is file within the game which tells it which songs to load and the positions of the files within the pkd files.

    It would be great to have all the singstr songs without changing discs. I have two ps3 discs and 6 ps2 discs and it is annoying as hell to change discs constantly.

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    tim132 Guest
    Yeah interesting stuff guys, me and the wife have 4 singstar PS3 discs and 10+ singstar PS2 discs (I've lost count of the PS2 discs but we have almost all of them!!)

    It would be great if we could add all the songs to one folder so they can be played with just one disc/backup manager load. I'll be watching this space!

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    Maihkyz Guest
    My singstar doesnt even pass the startup, just a black screen??

    FW 3.41 -- 3.55 (ps3 key 4.5) got it mounted from my HD and it shows the animation when i am on it, but it doesn't start.. just a black screen.

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    severusx Guest
    Which Singstar game are you trying to load? Almost every version is listed as workable in the compatibility list. Maybe you have a bad rip.

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    Maihkyz Guest
    Well its the Studio 100 version (for the kids) but its all fine until i start the actual game.. took me an hour to transfer it to my ps3 (wireless) LOL.

    Backuploader does its job, when i'm on the pakage file it shows the animation and all with sound no problem, but when i click it.. black screen.

    btw i got FW 3.41 but i use PS3key version 4.5 so it appears to be 3.55, can that be the issue?!

    I do got the original game as well, but it asks me to upgrade to 3.50, can I go back from 3.50 to 3.41 so they at least can play/sing their game?

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    severusx Guest
    Did you rip the game from the original disc? If it requires a firmware update and you want to stay on 3.41 you could request an EBOOT mod in that thread, or try to change it on your own. I don't have any of those games so I can't really tell you if it should work or not.

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