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Thread: Any way to play a EUR DLC with an US game?

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    billyreneoberra Guest

    Any way to play a EUR DLC with an US game?

    i bought myself a game while on vacation in the US and just bought some DLC for it in my psn store which is UK and of course it's not compatible. freaking sony.

    is there any way to make my US game 'believe' the DLC is US too?

    i just hope i didn't waste money for nothing. any help would be very much appreciated.

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    arrakis31 Guest
    Is your PS3 jailbroken or hack whatever you want to call it?

    If yes then just change the game to UK or the DLC by modifying the PARAM.SFO

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    billyreneoberra Guest
    yes it is jailbroken. it's that simple? just change the param.sfo to the other region? i'll give it a try

    forgot to mention the game is tiger woods 12.

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