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Thread: Any way to create Fake PS3 Updates help?

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    Tepoo Guest

    Any way to create Fake PS3 Updates help?

    Hey Guys,

    i am working on getting Fake Updates working for Games where no real Update is Available. For Example Facebreaker, shit game but doesnt have an update and is small, so i can work with it very well.

    My Idea is to use the game Stuff themself, delete all the content who increase the size, change the param.sfo from Game Disc to Game Data and (here is my problem ->) changing the version number from the Eboot.bin to 1.01 or what ever.

    Is there any way i can edit this Eboot.bin? like with hexeditor or something like that?

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    yayodusud Guest
    hi you'll have to edit the sfo accordingly with your package.conf but anyways its a no-go since the eboot is from disc (drm and not npdrm). Its only assumptions i've try to do it and keep trying for another game without update and it wont pack the eboot...

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    Foo Guest
    Umm if I'm not mistaken you can edit version info within the package.conf but I dunno if that applies to the EBOOT.

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    Tepoo Guest
    the main problem is the following.

    i want to create a update which doesn't change files, just the version number have to change. i can edit the param.sfo from the update file without problems. but i need an eboot.bin which also have this version number. so i wanted to use the original eboot.bin and change the version number that it fits to the update.pkg.

    i will try this evening if i can edit the versionnumber over an hex editor, but i am not very optimistic

    if someone could help me with it, it would be cool. my opinion is that only the eboot.bin blocks me atm from creating fake updates for games.

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    elser1 Guest
    you can try making ndprm pkg from deans eboot bin. not really sure other than download a real update and check out whats in its eboot and mod yours accordingly.

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    ivanjerome81 Guest


    I think you have to take the elf from the eboot and change it there... otherwise you need the proper keys to unself it..

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    Tepoo Guest
    So it will be much harder then i expected Damnit. But okay, i'm happy that many games are working for me

    Till now only Heavy Rain made problems.

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