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    Any more ps2 .elf that work on ps3?

    Had snes and megadrive emulators working on the ps3 for a while with swapmagic and was looking to try some more.
    I heard something about neocd and others.

    Could someone point me in the right direction please as i was never really into ps2 homebrew and don't know where to start.


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    I haven't used them myself (no desire), but beyond a SNES/Genesis emulator I know a Sega Master System emulator, Media player, demos, and some other 'compatable' PS2 stuff is included in this pack:

    PSXLoader For PS3 PS2 Emulator File Pack:

    Some untested emulators for PS2 can be found here:

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    cheers. I`ll give them a go.

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    The Neogeo cd, wonderstation and neopop emulators work. I havenīt had much luck with anything else though.

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    Does anyone know if SNES Station (Ps2 emulator) runs at full speed on the Ps3? I know it was less than %100 on the Ps2, but I'm wondering if it ran full speed on the Ps3 because of the better hardware...

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