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Thread: Any help with game and ps3key?

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    moxyman Guest

    Any help with game and ps3key?

    Hey guys.

    I just got a ps3key this week. Everything has been fine, and i wanted to try eyepet before i bought it. I tried to use a backup, but it wouldnt load and then i saw it wsnt compatible. Ok, then this morning i saw that Open Manager updated and claimed eye pet would work. So i installed it (which i already had (Back Up Manager) installed... and the Open Manager said it did something to the Boot file. I again tried to load eye pet, and it still froze right as it made it past "loading" in the game. I decided to just uninstall the back ups and purchase the game.

    I got back from the store, and put the game in (without the ps3 key in).

    Yet i still have the problem. The actual game even from the disk freezes after loading. I figured maybe i need to load it from a manager, so i tried to just load it from both, but that didnt work either. Is this because i messed something up installing Open Manager?

    Also, i backed up my Fallout 3 game, and it goes into the game just fine. But now none of my game saves load.

    If anybody has any tips or advice or can even point me in the right direction for either issue id really appreciate it!

    BTW, both games were backed up to the internal hard drive via back up manager.

    Thanks guys.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Regards the Eyepet - it most probably installed game data while you've beed trying to load backup. Delete it together with any eventual game saves from Eyepet and try again - it should load.

    Regards the Fallout - if I understand you correctly - the game saves from playing original game are not loading while playing the backup? I'm afraid this is probably due to the fact that backed up game looks for the game saves in different location - I remember there was a discussion here about this a few days back but don't know at the moment what was the outcome of that - if it's possible to move the game saves to the new location or not - I'll try to find the thread ...

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