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Thread: Any chance to Re-Key yet, or Bypass Blu-ray Drive?

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    bigblueshock Guest

    Any chance to Re-Key yet, or Bypass Blu-ray Drive?

    Hello guys! I was just wondering if this has been accomplished yet.

    I pretty much have a weird situation with my FAT 60GB PS3. I accidently swapped out blu-ray drive, AND the board that went with it. So now I have a fully functional system, a fully functional blu-ray drive, but they can't communicate with eachother because the keys are different.

    Im curious now; since the master keys have been found on the system, can I either:

    a) reconfigure the board on the system/blu-ray drive so they can communicate again?


    b) totally bypass the blu-ray drive itself and play my legally backed up games from my hard drive?

    With the jailbreak, I tried running games from the hard drive, however I got a black screen as soon as I launched the game. I'm guessing this is because my blu-ray drive issue.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    um can't you just put the original board back on the newer bluray drive?

    As for remarrying, not quite yet but with grafs new device drivers for the PS3's different memory regions it might be possible soon.

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    bigblueshock Guest
    Awesome sounds good!

    Nope, I don't have the original board anymore, it was shipped out =/

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