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    MoesCore Guest

    Another Century's Episode: R PS3 help?

    hi all, am new to this whole ps3 jailbreaking and spiltting lol anyway... i have spit the A.C.E R file and i even done the fix... but i put it on the hhd of the ps3 and its a blank screen?... even from the harddrive its blank... has anyone got this game working?

    my ps3 is version 3.55 jailbroken of course.

    please help am dying to play this game... as i have played all the others on the ps2... and they were brill.

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    nataku522 Guest
    What type of Backup Manager are you using and when did you split the file? Sounds like your trying to run it from the USB drive. Do you still have the original download (nonsplit) file?

    If so i suggest that you FTP the file using Filezilla into the GAME folder on your HDD. If possible use a wired connection between your router, Computer, and PS3. the speeds are MUCH better and more reliable than going thru wireless. 8~10MBs/Sec vs 500KBs~2MBs/sec.
    I've gotten it to work using Multiman and using the Apply Fix Permission.

    But I also have the original game and didn't DL it from the internet. the EBOOT may have been modded already.

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    MoesCore Guest
    thanks for the reply... ok my brother knows all of this... and we use multiman or rogero manager... am sorry to ask but as i said am new to this... this is my first game am having probs with... what is FTP?? and how do i wire my connection to my sony viao?? sorry i just got this ps3 jailbroken so am learning lol... i really wanna play this game.

    sorry and yes i have put it on the ps3 hhd and that's what i get... a blank screen... we can get gran tursimo 5 to work and mortal kombat 9 the fatalities... but this ones giving us problems lol... and now i'll need to go download it again lol

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    nataku522 Guest
    No prob. FTP is File Transfer Protocol which allows you to transfer your games/files from your computer thru your router to your PS3.
    Rogero and Multiman both allow for FTP service as long as its running. Google filezilla and download the client.

    Once you do you will need to open Multiman/Rogero and then take the IP address of your PS3 and enter it into Filezilla to connect to your PS3. After that locate the Game Folder on your PS3's HDD (dev_hdd0/GAMES) thru Filezilla then copy the entire ACE R folder to your HDD.

    Once its copied over boot up Multiman/Rogero and the game should now be displayed. Then from here run the Fix Permission and run the game.

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    MoesCore Guest
    first of all thanks very much for the replies i think i understand it... if i don't my brother will help me lol... i just have to download the game again lol as i have the patched one lol... well i was told to do that to get it to work... i will try all of that and get back to you.

    again ty for your help much appreciated nataku.

    ok didn't work again lol am just getting a blank screen... the file is 4 gig do you think its been modded already??

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    severusx Guest
    The only files that get modded to make >3.55 FW games work are the EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO. Neither of these files is 4+ GB. Try putting the game on a USB drive and then copy it to the internal. I suggest that you use MultiMan, it is much better developed than rogero and has a better feature set.

    What OFW firmware version does this game require? If it is 3.55 or less, look for an un-altered eboot.bin for in. Use FTP to transfer it to the PS3 and try again.

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    MoesCore Guest
    thanks severusx for your reply... am dying to play this game... its the only game i can't get to play from what i have downloaded lol

    what's this about the fix metadata file to get this to work??... could someone help me out i have tried searching for it and nothing.

    ok ps3 version 3.40 it is and its 1.00.. am trying ftping but it cant find my ps3 or my connection for some reason... its timing out help!!!

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    severusx Guest
    If your PS3 is connected to your PC via a Gigabit wired network, then use FileZilla to transfer the game. If you are on 100Mb or wireless, use the external drive as it will be faster.

    To use FileZilla:
    Open MultiMan on your PS3 and look at the IP address listed in the bottom of the screen.
    Open FileZilla and type that IP address into the field at the top and click "Quick Connect".
    Once FileZilla connects, browse in the right window to the location of your game saves (usually \dev_hdd0\GAMES\).

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    MoesCore Guest
    thank you for the reply... ok right i spilt the file first... then send it to the ps3 by filezilla yeah???... then i do the fix?? how do i do that and sorry i can make other games work soo easy but this one is the only one am dieing to play the most and having problems with lol... I am very greatful for all your help.

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    severusx Guest
    You don't need to split anything, just move the original rip to the internal HD of the PS3 (dev_hdd0\GAMES\). If you want to try to run it from the external use MutliMan to move it. Also, make sure that you have installed BDEMU2.PKG on your PS3, it is the only way that MultiMan is able to run split games. BDEMU2.PKG is attached to the MultiMan thread. Go to the Hacks section, and click the paperclip icon on the MultiMan thread title.

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