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Thread: Angry Birds Demo Renew PS Store License help?

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    aruniswrestling Guest

    Angry Birds Demo Renew PS Store License help?

    The links page always has working links, however the Angry Birds Demo asks to "renew license from the ps store." does this mean it's a ps plus exclusive?

    Why does it say "conversion" next to the title?

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    phisher Guest
    The conversion bit, is simple really. PS3 version of angry birds is SD conversion where as HD version should be coming later the year.

    Re-newing license issue on the other hand is a bit more tricky. But until someone comes up with public keys and tools to remove npdrm protections and license requirements, essentially full games won't be any good unless theres' available a debug patch package somewhere on PSN network.

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    towser Guest
    Final Fantasy 7-8-9 and Shooter 2 also give me the "renew license from the ps store."

    Anybody got them working?

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    aruniswrestling Guest
    I'd have thought those posting the links would have tested it.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    The links posted are tested and they do work, but we have not yet found a method to renew the license of a PSX Game for the PS3 via the PSN Store. Its not like the IPod with Cydia and Installous, although there is a PSX store being made for the Jailbreakers.

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    towser Guest
    Maybe you mean working & tested as in "the download link does work"...

    However those games do not work unlike those PSN games which were posted a while back that didn't require store activation...

    That's what we meant and I'm sure you knew that's what we meant.

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