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Thread: Alternative Controllers for PS3 help?

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    Prince Valiant Guest

    Alternative Controllers for PS3 help?

    I just got NFS: HP today, is there any way to use something other than my Sixaxis, I've got a Logitech Rumblepad and it works in all my older games, is there any way I can get it to work with NFS?

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    zeromx Guest
    I very much doubt it will work, i'm sure that certain usb keyboards and mouse work but apart from that any other device that is not aprroved from sony will most likely not work.

    PS, after this jailbreak stuff there is a less chance since they most likely starting blocking usb devices.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    I figured it had to do with the update where they blocked the 'fake controllers' :S. Maybe support for different controllers will get added to one of the managers. Thanks for the info.

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