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    Added them to the guide- Thanks again modmate!

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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologe Updates help?

    i tried with the Awesome Update Findr v.0.3 but i found Nothing!!!

    an Error occurs : "Error :Title ID not recognized! please chek it and try again"

    the ID of the European version of Gran Turismo 5 is = BCES00104

    please can someone search the Patches for me becouse it doesnt work for me.

    if you found patches for this ID please post the Links here it would be very helpful!

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    Prologue cannot be updated through this system. Prologue uses a in-game update to change, there is no pkg file to install. Sucks because i tried to install latest update couple months ago before JB was released but it always got to about 70%-80% and there would be a download error so i couldnt update.

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