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    All .PKG FROM ps3 debug can be installed with ps jailbreak?

    We have many links of full games , dlc and patchss like .pkg.

    can we download from pc put into usb and install with ps jailbraker??

    that possible???

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    It would appear that it (at least for debug packages) appears to be a yes.

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    I've already asked this question and this is the answer i was given hope it helps.

    I tested pkg's from the option "Install package" and the result has been that only allow the installation of pkg debug, but not retail.

    Retail PKG: Full games, Demos, Patch. NO (error 80,029,567)
    Debug PKG: Full games, Patch. Yes

    I think it is It's the same effect as one unit with fw PS3 Debug exceeding 1.50.

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    Sorry my question is a retail links with full games , dlc and patch can be install in a ps3 retail with ps jailbreaker?

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    Sorry, it's not possible at the moment.

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