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    movieaddict Guest

    All i get are black screens on all my games?

    Ive had my ps3key for a week now and ive gotten everything set up properly i think? I have backup manager 2 set up and open manager 1.13 set up too. Im getting the blue led light on my ps3key so i know its working and im using version1.2 on it as we speak. I have a Wd external drive formatted to fat32 using compuapps swissknife app. I have the Super nintendo pc and ps3 emulator homebrew set up and working perfectly.

    I have downloaded 3 games so far and all of them give me a black screen once i press x on open manager. I get the little avatar of the game on the left side of screen on open manager, so i know its loaded right onto it. I have downloaded batman arkham asylum both eur and us version and fairy tale fights ntsc us version and bayonetta us echelon version.

    I have hooked up my external hd to my pc and loaded this drive with these 3 games into the GAMEZ FOLDER (BLUS30367) EXAMPLE. Then i hooked up the hd to my ps3 and ran open manager 1.13 under usb and all i get is a black screen on all these games when i press x to launch each game. Its driving me nuts!!! Ive googled and googled and now im here asking for ur guys wisdom. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! ty!

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    wantednz Guest
    It may be a dumb reply but are your black screens freezing there or are you just kicked back to the XMB? I was confused at first too but the backup manager changes the disc drive to the backed up game it doesn't launch it for you. You need to choose the game, it will take you back to the XMB and then you go up to where the inserted disc is shown to run the game.

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    alsuser Guest
    Have you tried it with the original backup manager and a disc in the drive? I would try that first to see if it works ok

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    Fr0zEc0LD Guest
    I'm having the same issue haven't got 1 game to work yet! Open manager 1.14, rockport psgroove ipod 5th gen, original classic ps3 80GB with bad bluray lens. so far i tried Dark sector which freezes after loading 18%, MK VS DC goes back to XMB then i go to app home icon and get blank screen, and King Of Fighters XII which goes back to XMB go to app/ icon and loads back to XMB! Do i need a working bluray? Whats the solution? Thanks in advance

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    syphonlord Guest
    your probaly better off trying it with a game in the drive cause some games are fussy and they need a disc.

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    trashchris Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by syphonlord View Post
    your probaly better off trying it with a game in the drive cause some games are fussy and they need a disc.
    i had the same issue with psfreedom (hermes patched) and bkup manager 2, i stuck a disc in the drive and it loaded no problem

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