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    final94 Guest

    All homebrew in one folder help?


    i have a really strange problem: first, i`m not a noob or so but have never heard of this thing nor do i understand it or have a solution for it. so now:

    - i have been on 2.41 jailbreak and installed a demo from the move demo disc.
    - after this my problem starts: when i install a homebrew.pkg from usb the homebrew shows up IN THE DEMO-FOLDER (!!!) WHAT IS THIS??
    - so i deleted all of this (the demo, the homebrews and some gamedata) and made a update to 3.55 (official) then went to 3.55-kmeaw.
    - i started installing homebrews and the problem still occurs. E.g.: i install multiman and have a folder with the multiman png and the name "unknown" in xmb. But it dosn`t start from there because inside this folder there is the png for multiman and it can start from here. the next homebrew will also install in this folder. the next also and so on.

    perhaps someone had this and is willing to help me. thx!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    i know you say your not a noob but have you pressed triangle on the game menu and turned the grouping off.

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    final94 Guest
    thx for the answer. will try this... if this is the reason i will laugh at myself and send you some beer )

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