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    f5vezer0n9ner Guest

    Alarming PS3 Temperature help?

    good day.. i've recently bought a ps3 slim 320GB cech-2xxxb and installed rogero 4.30v2

    what is disturbing is it's temperature is always on 70/70 +5/-5 (cpu/gpu) and its gpu is always hotter that cpu like 67/72

    what's troubling me is that the temperatures that i said was just on a standby ps3 on a multiman running on a rogero 4.30v2....

    is it normal?? or do I have to have my ps3 checked up by an expert.. I tried to tear it down, but the 6-star screws stopped me quickly...

    thanks for the help and advice...

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    fandy1987achmad Guest
    normal bro, 80 up abnormal

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    mustafa Guest

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