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    Adhesive after thermal paste to reattach IHS help?

    Hello, I have changed the thermal paste to prevent ylod. I also removed the Heat spreader (IHS) over the RSX chip and changed the thermal paste there, but The chip had adhesive on the 4 corners. After cleaning up I just applied thermal paste to the 4 corners and the center before replacing IHS. The IHS does not seem secure though.

    It would not fall off but it slides, sooooo... Does everyone use the thermal paste like I did or do you use some kind of adhesive on the corners to secure IHS. (I already put it back together and its running great but I plan on doing this)

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    The adhesive is just to keep the heat spreader from coming off when you take it apart. I do glue them back down but it doesnt matter if you do or dont. thanks

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