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Thread: Adding a bigger PS3 Hard Drive help?

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    maverickman Guest

    Adding a bigger PS3 Hard Drive help?

    Hi I have CFW 3.55 on my ps3, How do I go about installing a new bigger HD, also is there a limit to the size a ps3 will recognize? I'll probably add a 250gb even though I'm tempted to add a 1 TeraByte HD. So how do I do it? copy the old HD to a FAT storage, then put the new HD and then what?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    pop one out pop the other one in it will hold a 1tb hard drive as long as you get a 2.5 in hdd so it fits in metal casing or you'll kinda have to mod the case a bit. After you put it in just install cfw like normal. You'll be asked to format the new drive it may take awhile but do a complete format so you gain as much space as possible with a 1tb you'll get about 920gigs i believe that's what I have in mine.

    as for save data use any usb hdd/flash drive formatted to fat 32 and copy all saves then after you install other hard drive copy all data back that's pretty much it, n yes you will have to reinstall the cfw no way around that.

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    elser1 Guest
    i'd do a system back up of your current hdd via options in xmb add at least a 500gb hdd then do system restore or whatever its called to have it exactly the same as your old hdd. its in settings on xmb.

    if you cant work it out i'll have a look on my ps3 and tell you the exact steps, though its really easy once you see it there. good luck.

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    maverickman Guest
    OK Thanks guys, I try the restore route. I think I can figure it out.

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    Also, a friendly reminder, a system back up won't back up your trophies. If you'd like to keep those, you will have to back up /dev_hdd0/home/00000(number)/trophy. After you place in the new hdd, copy that folder to the same location and your trophies will be back as well.

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