anyone here know how to add geohots signing procedure to the makefile of a ps3 app? basically i want to sign the eboot.bin before the pkg is compiled. this is the code im playing with, cant seem to get it right though. Just keep getting segmentation faults.

i've added code to "makefile.base"

NPDRM        := $(PSL1GHT)/bin/make_self_npdrm
pkg: $(BUILD)
	@echo Creating PKG...
	@mkdir -p $(BUILD)/pkg
	@mkdir -p $(BUILD)/pkg/USRDIR
	@cp $(ICON0) $(BUILD)/pkg/
	@$(SFO) --title "$(TITLE)" --appid "$(APPID)" -f $(SFOXML) $(BUILD)/pkg/PARAM.SFO
	@$(PKG) --contentid $(CONTENTID) $(BUILD)/pkg/ $(OUTPUT).pkg