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    Abigoriktus Guest

    acid ps3 cfw xregistry help?

    Ok I really screwed up, I need help. I tried to use acid`s new custom firmware, so I replaced the xregistry file thingy with multiman in the dev-flash2 and now when I power on the ps3 nothing comes on, can I fix this? please help.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    could try get into recovery mode, but failing that you'll need to use the downgrade process to get into the service mode and reinstall your firmware again.

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    BwE Guest
    rebuilding the data base through the recovery menu should do the trick sweetums!

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Try rebooting your ps3 first 3 times, I believe this will generate a new xreg if your old one is corrupt, what changes did you make to xreg? what guide did you follow?

    Try using Comgenie to replace xreg next time, it worked ok for me.Just turn on advanced mode and overwrite your original.

    Be warned: While messing with yuor PS3 registry and firmware files it is easy to break things if you dont know what you are doing.

    So keep in mind if you want to get involved in hacking your PS3 that there are risks and do not attempt to do things if you fully understand?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    It MUST work !! Keep trying a few times.After that the ps3 will write a new one and will be bootable again.

    Maybe you have done something wrong.But we highly guess that you need first some tweeks on your sys before you can use a modded xReg file. We will test this the next dayes.

    I recomment to every one TO NOT use any system mods from some one other that havent the skills with FW modding on ps3 like we the Team Jesters License have. Beside that Team Jesters License never have released something untested that could brick your console.

    If it will be possible we will enable everything including Backwards compatibility.

    I don't say that he is beyond me.Where you have read this?

    I'm not able to write a Backup Loader but in case of the ps3s os i know more then he. And i for my self dono like if something will be released that could brick your console in case its not tested to 100%.

    I digged up the post to warn other peoples.To not also end in a brick. And to show others that i know what i'm doing so that they can trust me.

    Beside all that i have helped SO MUCH peoples with bricked Wiis to unbrick there console, for free. Also i released Universal Unbrick Disk, Last Chance Unbrick Disk, BootMii Disk and the Rescue Mii Core.

    At last you never have seen that one team release there work a few hours or days before a other team have came out?
    Competition is never be wrong. Keeps people trying get better and better.

    But we have tested a lot the last days and have find out something interesting and i want to clarify importend things. The Hack scene isn't a childs place and rants and competitions are everywhere.

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    Abigoriktus Guest
    Thanks guys, Panicked a bit too fast I suppose. Won`t mess around again, thanks for the help I learned my lesson

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