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    gica69 Guest

    ACE - Another Centurys Episode R PS3 help?

    I downloaded this and getting the black screen trying to find out if anybody has played it successfully the way of the JB PS3 of course.

    Thanks again.

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    EiKii Guest
    have you tried finding debug patch or similar? you don't write the serial i.e BLUSXXXXX, amd nor do you state wich method to jailbreak (device, payload etc) you have, makes it harder to help.

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    gica69 Guest

    The info

    Sorry about that here it is the game ID BLJS10081 am using Hermes4b on the latest Blackcat. Also am usinf the latest Gaia. The param has 3.41 on it which I'm not sure is the right sys version for this game.

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