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Thread: Accepting terms of psn question?

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    elser1 Guest

    Accepting terms of psn question?

    i just logged onto psn to play a legit copy of moh and my ps3 is jb.. i've been on psn a bit latley since new hex allowed me to.. today though sony made me accept terms and conditions again.. anyone else had this?

    does it mean i'm busted.. i only play owned games with disc in.. no downloads or anything.. i know the fw is "different".. anyway do you think the banhammer is coming for us... f-you sony.

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    bitsbubba Guest


    have you changed payloads (hex), I think I read somewhere a certain payload (hex) did that.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I also got it today. Nothing has changed since the day before yesterday as same Hex, etc.

    I think $ony are getting ready to ban consoles. Stupid idea if you ask me as that means no more money from me on PSN. Their loss as I will have no choice but download pirated software if they ban me.

    If my console also gets banned I will no longer buy any games either, I will just hire/backup or download them. I use to spend at least $200 a month on PS3 games. It'll be their loss if they ban me, not mine as I will still keep playing games.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    I believe just a TOS update, like changing PSN to Sony Online Services (S.O.S. ha ha lol)

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    dencio Guest
    Hi! Does anyone know what are the new changes? I don't use jailbreak but I don't know. Accept or not? :>

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    If they did update them, the changes aren't on their site so perhaps they didn't officially yet:

    The latest still shows v7.0 dated from June 29, 2010:

    However, this page indicates November 2010 so we'll see what happens:

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