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Thread: AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack error in-game?

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    jgat Guest

    AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack error in-game?

    Guys, i just used PSGROOVE w/ Retail PKG support to install the AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack DLC.

    It installed no problem and you can see it in the song list in Rockband 2, the problem is after selecting one of the songs and difficulty, it then gives an error - the song data you were accessing has become unavailable - then goes back to the menu.

    The other DLC i got legit worked no problem. So can anyone tell me what to do to make it work?


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    h0bbit Guest
    i'd be super interested to hear if anyone got this working as well..

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    modmate Guest
    Usually there are missing licenses for your dlc so it wont work unless you log into psn which is not the best idea.


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    fujitsu Guest
    ANY improvement on THIS ? AC/DC or other track pack ?

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    jgat Guest
    so turns out nobody had made this to work yet... dang i was so excited to play Highway to Hell...

    i might just buy a legit copy then huhu.

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