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    AC Brotherhood PS3 help?

    Hi peeps,

    I am using JB2, and I want to play AC Brotherhood, but all I get is a black screen, I downloaded and installed the package file, and I tried to put dir ASSASSIN_ISO in the usr folder, but says folder already exists?? I am doing this pc my PC, do I need any other software to do this?


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    Dec 2010
    Make sure the ASSASSIN_ISO folder is created is the USRDIR folder before installing the PKG.

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    Feb 2011
    That's what I was going to ask..!

    Cause I copied Apache air a and COD MW 2 and the same thing happened to me the black screen and nothing happened after that.

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    ah, it wasn't, so can I undo ??

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    Sep 2010
    You delete the folder and try to create it again, then install the pkg again and see if it works. If not you may need to delete and re-rip the game and start over. Also make sure that you delete any Game Data for it before launching the game.

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