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Thread: About PS3 slim jailbreak help?

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    kujtimneziraj Guest

    About PS3 slim jailbreak help?


    I'm new in wolrd of jailbreaking ps3 , so can anyone here help me or tell if i can jailbreak PS3 SLIM with version 4.60 , and if i can jailbreak ps3 SUPER SLIM with 4.60 verison.

    I WANT TO HAVE MULTIMAN and to play games from my external hdd.

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    misiozol Guest

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    kujtimneziraj Guest
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    I have 1 playstation 3 Super slim that have 4.60 and i think it can not be jailbreak.

    the other ps3 that i will have in 1-2 days i know just that is SLIM PS3 with 160 gb hdd and vers. 4.60

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