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    zmcnmf Guest

    About Firmware Update On PS3 From 3.40 to 3.41?


    I'm kinda new to PS3 scene. Just got my PS3 yesterday. I noticed I had Firmware Ver 3.40.

    I got the unit in Malaysia (South-East Asia), I read thru some forums on how to update it to 3.41

    Some guys warned that I need to make sure to use the correct Firmware from a specific region (so far I noticed it's either US or EUR version). I've downloaded it from each region.

    The question is that, am I to use the Asian Region of 3.41 (If there is) or any of this firmware will do. The unit I have is the CECH-2506B (320Gig - Slim).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Apr 2005
    As you can imagine, this has been asked countless times... to answer though: you can use any region PS3 Firmware to update your PlayStation 3 as the .PUP files all have the same MD5 hash and are not region-specific.

    We (and other sites) post them as US/EU during updates because the .PUP is being pulled from localized servers so if you were in the US you would likely get better speed using a US link vs EU, etc.

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