Hey all, KpDuty Here I guess the question in this thread would be where is the CECHE01 80gb PS3 in, which appears to be little, the world of Homebrew and such? Ive searched as of late and when it comes to this ps3 i fear little is to be said for this ver. Ive seen recent breaks in 60gb ver. and all with the emotion engine, which my sorry but missed out on... , and I am ever hopeful that soon my 250gb ps3 will be storing my precious ps2 and ps1 collection 300 titles to date, and bangin away at my snes,gb,etc roms.

i've been collecting original games on these platforms since i was a kid still got a dusty ol atari, I am 40 now, and want to turn my system in to all it can be for me I see a bright future for the ps3 end user from gaming to power pc to media server to etc.. etc... and what ever future advancements come. (not limited to just ps3 but 360 wii etc.)

First post for me so for those with ears your next student is here!