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Thread: 80028ed5 error message?

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    Exclamation 80028ed5 error message?

    Hi, Has anyone ever received an error message 80028ed5 on their ps3??

    PS3 UK 60GB FW 2.53 Using Proxy
    Here are the symptoms;

    Logged onto PS3 network, load ANY game and try to go online with it.
    After exactly 30 seconds from logging on, the error message appears and disconnected from PS3 network. Over and over again the same problem appears. If I don't load a game I can stay connected and access PS store, download demo's etc...
    Followed the official PS recommendations after resetting router, cable box, changing IP address, cables, going wireless - no difference.

    Changed the proxy to run on another PC - same.
    Defaulted the PS3 system and same.

    Now the weird solution that I cant explain.....
    Borrowed a mates PS3 - Logged on with his system on his account and got the same message ( I know what your thinking - ISP - Thats what I thought ) so tried again and his worked.

    Put my account details on his and got the error. Tried his again - worked - Tried mine failed. grrrrr
    Tried his, then mine - They both worked!! WooHoo I thought!

    Back to my hardware - tried it again, same error - Now your thinking - Dead hardware right?? Which made no sense as I got the message right away on his console. Anyone in tears yet?

    Anyway, back to his - both worked. Back to mine - failed.

    After doing this a few times, mine suddenly kicked into life and has been fine since!!
    Google hits are no help whatsoever pointing to possible DNS/ISP issues, which again makes no sense.

    Any help to avoid this in future would be welcomed.

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    I don't see that error in the PS3 Error Code List, but there is a 3-page thread on it here that may help:

    Some of their comments:
    • Singnet dns server problem
    • Problem solved when I put my PS3 in DMZ and updated FW2.50
    • The setting is under the firewall settings. Remember to select your PS3 IP address and select Allow all applications (DMZplus mode).
    • Singnet DNS: and
    • Input these settings into primary and secondary dns servers along with the proxy settings in ps3

    Worth a try anyway.. good luck!

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