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Thread: 80010514 ps3 error but like you've never seen before

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    helacus Guest

    Exclamation 80010514 ps3 error but like you've never seen before

    my ps3 will read and play ps3 and bluray movies for about 10 minutes when cool booted but then it fails. and if i try and read from the disc again it gives me the error. is this typical?

    would replacing the drive fix it? or does the ic chip need to be replaced? or does this not have any information?

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    prins022 Guest
    I did have this error, but no more BR reading for me, you're facing heat issues maybe, don't you have a yellow light ?

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    helacus Guest
    i couldnt tell you. when is a yellow light supposed to light up? you see im color blind and i cant really tell the difference between yellow/red/green.

    also it still plays dvds and cds, but im pretty sure i have the kem 400 aaa lens with only one lens. ive taken the cover off of the blu ray drive and watched it read until it fails, and i can see the laser and then the little disc shows up in the corner. then i can see the laser go from focused to broad like the software is telling it to try and find the disc or read the disc, and then the laser disapears.

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    idone Guest
    I dont think your issue is heat related. It just sounds like your laser is starting to go bad. You can just replace the laser, that will be cheaper than replacing the drive itself but a little more involved.

    So if your comfortable with taking apart the drive just replacing the laser is cheaper...but if not to replace the drive you only have to unhook some ribbon cables.

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    helacus Guest
    i can replace the laser once its open with a part from ebay right? it still comes on rails so i dont have to align anything correct? thanks for the help.

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    idone Guest
    Yea, lasers themselves seem to average bout $60, and with the sled average bout $90... from what i have seen.

    I would make sure they have plenty of + feedback for selling the product as i have heard horror stories about ppl getting refurbished lasers that had the diod replaces with a cheap one, and some downright selling a used laser as new..

    So be careful and do your research on the seller!

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