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    Cevapi Guest

    80010017 error help?

    Well this error code just got thrown my way for the first time. All my previous backups ran just fine, but today as soon as I backed up Bioshock 2, and Borderlands both of those two are giving me the "An error occurred during the start operation"

    -I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the backed up game.
    -With and without disk in drive.
    -Deactivating and activating system.
    -Different payloads and managers.

    All to no avail...

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    Starlight Guest
    Okay this is just shot in the dark.. have your Account Management [Friends] Account Management deactivated and try re-installing the game and then activate it again and see what you get, i know you mentioned that you deactivated and activated, but did you try it yet as mentioned above, also i have heard this can be corrupt hdd or a blu-ray drive problem, in some cases the laser and some were in the small mb with the keys, but not sure myself on the hdd and blu-ray part of it.

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