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Thread: is a 60gb worth more than an 80gb PS3

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    gadget706 Guest

    Question is a 60gb worth more than an 80gb PS3

    I have a ps3 60gb that i want to sell with a few accessories and games. does anyone think that it is worth more than the 80gb. it can play ps2 games!

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    snazzychazzy Guest
    I thought it was only the 40 gig model that couldn't play ps2 games. Right now I have a TEST ps3 without blu-ray capability (but potentially able to play games off hdd). I'm still looking for a retail ps3 so that I can play blu-ray. Anyone know the answer about the 80 gig? TIA!

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    Lieutenant Guest
    yes the 80 gig can play ps2 games... it does it thru emulation. it might not be able to play EVERY ps2 game, but its VERY likely to play every ps2 game YOU have.

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    Sackboy01 Guest
    If you want to play your old PS2 games, you should stay with the 60 GB PS3 version, because the the 60 GB version is more compatible with more PS2 games than the 80 GB version. But is you download lot of things from the PlayStation Store videos, demos, add-on, and full games, you should get the 80 GB version because it has more space on the HDD.

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    Antaeus Guest
    Or alternatively just upgrade the Hard Drive in the 60Gb one. I doubt it'd sell for more than an 80Gb console and it has much better compatibility with PS2 games (plus various other things) and HDD's are cheap enough.

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    NeTRaW Guest
    I think 60GB console is better than others. If you need more space, you can change the hard disk without opening your machine


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    MetalmanPS3 Guest
    60 gb ftw.. if you need more space you can move all not in use games and media to a external drive.

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    Bakke Guest
    60 gb >> 80gb. You have the Emotion Engine on the 60gb one so I strongly suggest you to buy a 60GB if you could. Also, you can buy your own external drive and change it and you would keep the warranty.

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    Heartf1re Guest
    yes the 80gb ps3 is more than the 60gb because more memory = more $

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    itwong Guest
    Personally, it does not make a difference to me between 60 and 80gb ps3 since i have my ps2 anyway. But if you do want to play ps2 games via your ps3, I would highly recommend keeping the 60gb because of the emotion engine and GS(the main graphic and cpu of ps2).

    If you dont care about the ps2 backward compatibility, then go for the 80gb ps3 version. Score one MGS4 80gb bundle in Walmart this week. It retails for $499 and has MGS4 and DualShock 3 inside plus the $100 walmart gift card. So basically you are paying $399 for 80gb ps3, mgs4 game and one dualshock 3 controller. Great deal.

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