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Thread: is a 60gb worth more than an 80gb PS3

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    weekendlu Guest
    80 gb is not better than 60gb just there have more space on it right ?

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    pockets69 Guest
    In my opinion you should stick with the 60gb ps3, because the HD is upgradable if you want you can make it a 120gb ps3 or bigger, but you can't get a emotion engine chip on a ps3 without one, so i think its not a hard choice to make mate.

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    stendboss Guest
    the 80 gb verison played ps2 titles..

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    e1987rnesto911 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gadget706 View Post
    I have a ps3 60gb that i want to sell with a few accessories and games. does anyone think that it is worth more than the 80gb. it can play ps2 games!
    You can not say that in the console of 60GB you are better than 80GB because I have one give her to and if it is compatible with all of the games of PS2 almost, no himself because you wrote this but this extra telling to oneself that the console of 80GB was last until now and I right now buy it, if you have any very doubt I make honey to know and seeing as your doubts are for helping you

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    f02um Guest
    I have the 80gig and I've played god of war 1 & 2 for ps2 on it flawlessly.

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    justen Guest
    The original question deals with worth. YES - the 60GB model is worth more than the 80GB model due to the emotion engine chip. However, when you're selling something used, you may be hard-pressed to realize that premium. Not including your games, I would ask for current retail of the 40GB system ($399) and be very happy to get that.

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