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    Unhappy 60 GB FAT PS3 3.41 firmware upgrade help?

    Hi all, Have been on firmware 3.41 for as long as i can remember. Currently use the usb dongle method for jailbreak on my fat ps3 but now and i need some help!

    I am running 3.41 firmware and i need to upgrade to play a few new games that santa brought me. don't get me wrong the current method of holding the power button whilst turning the console on is stupid but reliable every time.

    What i would like help on is how to upgrade the console and JB it, so that i can play my new games... without loosing the firmware that allows me to play my back up games.

    Is this possible and if so how? searching basically screwed with my brain. was once very good at this guess my age is showing...
    Any help would be fantastic and great..

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    1. Disconnect your dongle from your console.
    2. Install 3.55 OFW from recovery menu or xmb.
    3. Install Rebug 3.55.4 CFW like the way you installed 3.55 OFW.
    4. Install Rebug Toolbox.
    5. Enable QA Flag option in Rebug toolbox.
    6. After doing that you can install any reliable 4.xx CFW you want. i will recommend rebug 4.46.

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    PS3GAMER20111 not completely bit if not all info missing

    Player110 this is how it goes:

    Many times here just use search you know it does not bite , if you need more info just follow my posts

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    misiozol i tried to make it noob friendly for him. thats why i skipped EID key and debug settings part.

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    Best way let NOOBs decide what is worth skipping as by me steps provided by are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY specially no.3 and no.4 and should NOT be skipped , as in later time in case console will die he will have no way of data retrieval or jump to other CFW in easy way

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    Very true, better not too ever skip those parts.

    I agree with Post #3 if you want no issues.

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