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    3D Dot Game Heroes help?

    I'm using:

    USA PS3
    USA Game Disc
    PSGroove Hermes v3
    Open Manager 1.16

    According to the compatibility list, 3D Dot Game Heroes should work on both an internal and external drive.

    I don't have an external drive, so I installed it to my internal hdd. I can't get it to run. If I try to launch the game, all I get is a black screen and eventually my ps3 stops responding.

    I've tried turning 'patch mode' on and off in Open Manager and that doesn't seem to have any effect.

    Has anyone been able to get this game to load successfully from an internal drive? And if so, what payload/game managers did you use?

    And if not... how do I submit updates to the compatibility list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peepoop View Post
    And if not... how do I submit updates to the compatibility list?
    Updates can be submitted (logged in) here:

    Corrections should be posted here:

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    Try to FTP It over again, The copy i got works from external hdd fine so far so internal should work too.

    Sorry for double post,
    Im using original B.M.
    Open Backup Manager
    PSFreedom with peek and poke
    Size 3.07gb Update removed
    Not sure if its usa its from 3D_Dot_Game_Heroes_JB_PS3-ANTiDOTE
    Hope that helps

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    I just transfer the game over via FTP to an internal drive last night and it works fine and I'm running the same setup as you with NHL 11 in the drive.

    First thing that comes up is asks to install game data then continues on to the game.

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    works for me under hermes v2, OM 1.13, internal drive. I'll try your setup tonight

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    Do you FTP your games to the drive?

    I do, with Filezilla and you don't get any alerts if something failed it just collects under a different tab. Maybe FTP into the drive and try to transfer it again and choice to just overwrite files with different size, maybe something was missing.

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    I did transfer it to the internal drive via Blackbox 1.1b ftp server. I used filezilla to upload and received no errors during the transfer.

    With Hermes v3 I shouldn't need any disc in the drive, but I've tried it with an Uncharted 2 disc in there as well as empty. Same result either way.

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    Doesn't seem to work for me either in internal . (

    Will FTP it over once again to try

    I got it to load but it hung after the silicon studio / atlus . PS3 froze as well after about 1 minute

    Tried with Hermes v1 and now Hermes V3

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    I didn't think all games were guaranteed to work without the disc? I tried booting this game with no disc in the drive and my bottom half of my TV turned yellow and then black and frooze, needed a hard restart.

    But then when I tried it with a disc in it worked fine.

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    i updated to hermes v3 and om 1.16 and the game crashes back to the xmb at various points.

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