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Thread: 3D Dot Game Heroes help?

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    brickcitybg Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by internetfloozy View Post
    I didn't think all games were guaranteed to work without the disc? I tried booting this game with no disc in the drive and my bottom half of my TV turned yellow and then black and frooze, needed a hard restart.

    But then when I tried it with a disc in it worked fine.
    I hear this is because it tries to run in 1080p mode, if you want to run it disc-less, change your PS3 video settings to 720p.

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    Figgzor Guest
    Works fine for me, with Open manager 1.16 and hermes v3 on internal drive, both patched and unpatched. FTPed it with filezilla.

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    R3CK Guest
    Try FlashFXP. 3D Dot Heroes has a lot of small files and FileZilla was putting them in the wrong directories for me.

    Hope that helps.

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    peepoop Guest
    Well thanks everyone for trying to help. It seems like some people get it to work no problem and some people can't.

    I haven't been able to see any common themes here to differentiate the two cases so I have no idea what's going on.

    I'll try re-transferring with flashfxp rather than filezilla and see if that works. I'll try using a different ftp server too, just to see what happens.

    Forgot to mention I have a slim PS3.

    I've transferred it again with flashfxp and no dice.

    I've only got it to successfully launch ONCE, and that was immediately after I had just completed transferring Little Big Planet from BD to the internal drive with OM 1.16.

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