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    Question [UnAnswered] 360 is graphically better then ps3? (pics)

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    while browsing digg, i found these pics comparing the 360's ridge racer 6 and ps3's ridge racer 7. what do you think about them? DId sony lye about the ps3's capabilities and the 360 really is better, or is this because the ps3 is that hard to program for?
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    i agree, the 360 does look slightly bettr than ps3. although the 360 is better at the moment, the ps3 will catch up and over take it in the next year or so.

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    Thumbs Up PS3 = Sega Saturn, 360 = PS1

    The PS3 phenomena reminds me of the saturn. Before the saturn's launch every one and there brother bet their money on it's graphical superiority but the saturn turned out to be a flop. this seems even worse when you think sega had a big-a$$ console market share at that time.

    PS3 is a failure. Though the PS3 is capable of reaching far better results than the 360, no developer would deem the hard development process as cost and time effective. That is why the 360 looks better in those pictures.

    My advice is to sell your PS3 on ebay ASAP to the next idiot in line.

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    but what do you mean at the moment? those are both launch titles, and from the start, the 360 looks better...i think the systems are closer in terms of power then we think...

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    Far too much hype has been surrounding the ps3! The 2 are very closely matched power wise. It will be good to see a multi platform game get released soon that will show all how closely they are matched!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKE View Post
    but what do you mean at the moment? those are both launch titles, and from the start, the 360 looks better...i think the systems are closer in terms of power then we think...
    i meant that developers will get better at programming the games for the ps3, and if its half as good as sony says it is then it *SHOULD* outperform the 360 in terms of graphics within a year or so.

    there again maybe it is just hype!


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    I just would like to say that mostly all ps3's launch games are 720p resolution, execpt for about 3-4 are FULL 1080p. so depending on the game and it's developers have to not set settings and change pracitly the whole game with better graphics and better envoironments because of the blueray having more than enough space to do it with, I would say yeah they do look better on 360 for now, until all games are standard 1080p res. knowing that xbox has been are year out and will upconvert to 1080p still is not match for FULL 1080p, then we can compare which will be better with 1080p res. one game I would like to see side by side would be marvel alliance which is 1080p against 360's 720p.

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    With that much power, and the fact that Blu Ray disks hold so much data, there is no reason that PS3 games shouldn't be mind-blowing.

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    Who's to say that in those pictures the playing field is level?

    I could show you a 360 on a 720p set and then show you a PS3 on a standard res set and you'd go OMFG 360 pwns joo's 1337 h4x!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who's to say that in fact that is a PS3 in the other set at all??? Who's to say some 360 fanyboy didn't doctor that image up to make it look like it was a fair legit comparison when it wasn't? Can it be proved that said title was tailored for the PS3?

    Fact of the matter is, 360 games will never be 1080p because dvd 9 wont be able to hold it. True 1080p and upscaled 720p will not be nearly the same and to be quite honest im tired of all the PS3 hatin

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    I know that the orignal xbox was more powerful that the ps2 and also better in graphics, but still sold more than xbox and 360 not hat'in just stated facts on that. I own both consoles and also plan on owning 360 as well as ps3. this is just an excuse for 360 fanboys to not admit that the ps3 is now the most powerfull as the system itself, and graphics will be better than 360.

    I know it hurts cuz as a PS owner when xbox came out that was the topic everywhere you went that xbox was better than ps2 , being powerful and graphics where better, now the tables have turned and now you guys wont admit PS3 is better, and find any excuse to make you feel better about not having one, but I know you will own one in the furture.


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