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    Heres the bottom line: 360 has been out for 1 year and PS3 just launched. Wait for the devs to catch up on how to utilize full potential of PS3 and then compare...

    Quote Originally Posted by MooZleZ View Post
    heh, another thing, EA said they only using about 20% of the PS3's capability yet
    I read this article as well... As with every launch, developers need to get use to the system and figure out how to utilize it to the max. Until then, go enjoy your 360's, Wii's, and PS3's. If you still rather debate graphics and power, come back in a year

    My final opinion on systems: They are both great next-gen consoles and I welcome both into my home happily

    The Wii is pretty cool too

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    Only thing i get from these pictures is bad development! Some shots (ps3) you dont even see things that you can see in the 360. But that's not the systems fault, it's the developers. In others these screen shots prove NOTHING.

    Just looks like they made a half @$$ game for the ps3......Guys just wait for 07' then start comparing games.....oh wait I guess there wont be nothing to compare sense ps3 will have complete dominance by then.

    No wonder why this thread popped up so early
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    i'd like to see differnt games compared instead of just the same

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    The Title of this thread is false. i second post #97

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    Dang, I have only read 2 pages of this thread and I am already disgusted. All this hatin, and nobody thinkin. This is not about who is better or worse. Some like the xbox and some like the playstations. I own a ps2 and a xbox 360. People say the xbox 1 was awsome. I saw it as another computer. I own one of those why have another. Most games that were on xbox ended up on the computer. Xbox didn't have a following until after the first one had been out for the the 360.

    The 360 is better then a pc graphix unless you dump some serious change in your pc. But the 360 is not true HD, it converts its signal up to display at that definition. PS3 being on blu-ray has the room to make all it's graphix true HD. If you don't realize the difference, go to some good electronic store and have them demonstrate a DVD to the HD-DVD/Blu-ray discs. You will see a big difference.

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    As a person who has Ridge Racer for both the PS3 and the 360, I can clear this up right now: I think Ridge Racer for the 360 is one of the ugliest games on the system, and in full motion, doesn't even come close to the PS3 version.

    All I can really say is "lawlmsfanboy."

    I will also say though, nothing on the PS3 right now comes even close to Gears of War or Rainbow Six: Vegas.

    Also remember, the console war isn't won/lost over a few pixels looking different on one system or another, or else the Xbox would have slaughtered the PS2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwroc View Post
    I will also say though, nothing on the PS3 right now comes even close to Gears of War or Rainbow Six: Vegas.
    i know you aren't hating on the PS3, but just remember that Rainbow Six: Vegas is coming to PS3 soon - don't think i've ever played one of the games in that series, but from what i've heard about them, they're pretty damn good.... sucks that we didn't get Gears of War, but we have plenty more to look forward to in the Metal Gear Solid series!

    this thread is hilarious - all this X360 hating on the PS3.... if you like it and you think its superior (probably cuz you can't afford a 1080i / 1080p TV), then enjoy it! a buddy of mine has a 360 and loves it on his sorry ass 480i TV - he's looking to get a 30-40" 1080i LCD HDTV, and when he does, he'll be disappointed after having played my PS3....

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    You have to ask yourself why are the PS3 screen shots missing a lot of elements that are present in the Xbox 360 screen shots.

    I believe the answer is not that the PS3 developers are inexperienced but that those elements were left out to help the PS3 render those images faster because it had a hard time rendering images as complex as what the Xbox 360 is.

    It really makes me question the PS3's video performance but will not stop me from getting one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    You judge people and assume everyone who criticize the PS3 as HATERS, when you yourself make the same comment and assumptions that owners of the xbox 360 can't afford 1080i/1080p tv... Stop being a hypocrite and generate informative comments instead of YOUR OWN. Otherwise, you just dig yourself a deeper hole everytime you participate in this forum.
    whine whine whine.... so you DO know what the word hypocrit means (there isn't an 'e' in hypocrit, btw)? i thought you didn't since you were turning into one.... why are you picking another fight with me when you didn't bother finishing the one you started last time? i commented on your reasoning and you "maturely" called me "sad" - good one, back at it again on this thread too....

    i've said my part about the PS3 and so has everyone else - i didn't have anything more to add regarding the graphics then what i did.... if you think the 360 is superior, that means you aren't using a TV capable of showing off the errors - watching 480i on a 1080i TV is much worse than watching 480i on a 480i, i think everyone can agree to that.... if you display your 360 on a 480i TV like my friend does, you're going to think the world of it, but as someone mentioned, Best Buy won't let them turn the details up to 1080i for display - weird, maybe they're trying to cover up something, perhaps????

    got anything else to say? you can figure out how to PM me, can't you? or is e-thugging your thing? if so, please let the big boys and girls talk about grown up things because i don't have time for biased arguments (remember i have an XBOX too and i remember you haven't even opened up the PS3 you don't even care for) i'm done with the 360 vs PS3 war, since i'm new to the forum it still seemed interesting to debate, but unfortunately some people can't handle the topic maturely
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    Quote Originally Posted by rome138 View Post
    theres just no way... i have both systems and hands down PS3 graphics blows the xbox360 out of the water...

    i'm displaying it on a 50' Samsung plasma 720p
    LOL... I have never seen a 50 foot plasma. I think you meant 50". Hehe... just tryin to lighten up this thread a little.

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