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    Jeez Bebop you spout some crap, Mr Jinx's point abuot blu ray is completely valid . If you knew anything about game development, the higher resolution the texture the more space it takes up, it's as simple as that. Almost as simple as your one sided fan boy posts infact. And who you callin newb, since when did 18 posts qualify you as a forum expert?

    The ps3 has just come out, nothing is really taking advantage of the power, and don't use the Gears of war on 360 blah blah blah, the Unreal 3 engine can run on even current high end pcs, it has to do with how it meshes the higher res models, but i'm not going to give you a lesson in graphic engines.

    Take a chill pill and go enjoy your 360, your constant ps3 bashing is not constructive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilla View Post
    Look at most of Xbox 360's launch games. Half of them are previous-gen ports with uprezzed graphics.

    It takes time to become awesome.

    In my opinion though, the screens posted? They're so-so in difference. Sure, there's extra fences and other ultimately useless things on the 360. But things like the water and the actual vehicles seem to look better on the PS3. as well as the lighting/effects.
    Ya i think there more lighing/effects so thats why they took some stuff out like fences and other useless things.

    just wait for Gta 4 and we well see what looks better, and most of all see what system runs better, SO LAG

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    love this bashin goin on here. hehehe.
    bails: u pointed out that well. ps3 just came out. and theres alot of speculation and assumptions that it sux. the war have just begun and we dont know which console will win. whoever claiming that their console won must be stupid and retarded.

    It doesnt mean if u started poorly doesnt mean u lose. there always a hope on winning. remember in business, recession and progression is alwys been played. and there will be no steady position.

    Again believing to an article written by a bias a-hole, about how poorly a console is not something u would believe. sometimes this idiots authors just wrote this article to boost their web site popularity. Also, it doesnt mean if a website is reliable source, u would believe into what theyve wrote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebopflyer View Post
    Which proves my point that if you have nothing to contribute to this thread (news, data, suggestions)... people will resort to this. Truly sad.

    Wow, there's an eye-opener... why should one believe a reliable source? Then again, that's how they got to be "reliable" on the first place: Giving reliable information. Does that mean I have to believe you? Then you must be "reliable" too!
    ure truly sad that ur makin that site as ur fact. cus someof those article are filled mixed with personal opinions. u must be blind believing all of those crap they write.

    like u said, if u guys idiots here treat those articles like one of urs as a TRUE. u guys must be really an idiots cus u guys dont have any brain to stop or contradict to what theyre saying on articles. ok lets stop this cus i h8 people believe into something that thing is right but he knows that thing is wrong and stil continue to believe in.

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    both systems

    just wanted to say I have both systems and I really think at this point that the 360 has better grafics (gears of war awesome) but the other hand the ps3 just came out and in a year or less it will live up to its name but we are going to see some very good things that the ps3 will do that the 360 wont and the other way around.
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    50 GB worth of Graphics, Music, GAMING

    i feel that xbox360 is ripping me off the other 45.3GB of gameplay.

    that's alot of GB

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    ps3 games dont take the whole 50gb just like the 360 doesnt take the whole 8.5 gb and whats the point of adding lots of HD FMV's when these machines are able to produce some very nice cutscenes.

    Im not a billy fan I just think the devs needed more time to give us something that lives up to the playstation name but as soon as the good games come out ie MGS FF just those two are a good enuf reason shell out half a weeks work

    (Im waiting SONY I want to believe)

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    ps3 is only three week old. what ya expect bug free console. but u you will expect huge improvements this comming year where all the war gets bloody and intense.

    right now, sony is not on heat (theyre on stand-by) getting their system equip all neccessary ammo (games) and upgrading their weapon(system). and but quiet ready for any surprise attack. but sadly the system got struck before it got rls to wild by the latest ammo (gears of wars) of m$. ps3 got really hurt badly about the ammo and then sony made a decision to launch their ammo too (resistance) to xbox360. but sadly it didnt do much damge to 360. these massive attack continues..

    i dont know if ps3 will last this battle cuz sony only rls limited ps3 to go up against 360. eventhough 360 looks like winning the war. on the camp of sony, theyre producing alot of ammos and improving the next batch of ps3 (LOL). they made decision to launch all this ps3 this comming quarter1 of 2007. even on m$ camp are upgrading their weapon and ammo to compete with it. TO BE CONTINUE.. LOLOLOLOL

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    A lot of you don't know about market share or just how hard it would be for M$ to actually control the majority market share in video games. GOW and Lost Planet aren't going to be the games that put $ony in the ground (speaking metaphorically, of course). In fact, M$ would have to have one hell of a line-up of video games over the next 5 years if it actually wants to beat out the PS3 and Wii.

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    I agree with it.

    Xbox360 graphic really looks better than PS3.

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