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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post

    Fyi: To fully appreciate 1080p gusto, u will need to get the vga connection for the xbox 360, then purchasing a vga-to-dvi adapter, for those with dvi connection to your hdtv. I don't know if adding a dvi-to-hdmi adapter will work (piggy-back to the previous connection scheme), for those with hdmi connection to their hdtv set. I'll have my HD DVD upgrade by next week, including the two adapters, for me to test.

    I'm not sure you can really do that. VGA is an analog signal. I'm guessing you wanted to use the VGA to DVI-I adapter that comes with almost every computer video card. The only problem with that is that the adapter does VGA to DVI-I and HDTVs, at least the tvs my friends and I have, have only DVI-D connectors. That means Digital signal only. DVI-I can transmit both analog or digital. Now it sounds like it still might work but it won't because of the connectors. The adapter in question is, like I said, DVI-I and those include 4 little pins surrounding the big flat pin. TV's with DVI-D female connectors are missing those 4 pins so you cant insert something into holes that do not exist. Also I'm pretty sure the adapter does not convert analog into digital signals so breaking off those 4 pins will probably not work since those 4 pins will be transmitting the analog signal from the VGA, or at least part of it.

    The only way I see of converting VGA analog into a DVI-D digital would be a converter box. Microsoft would probably release another 360 cable for hdmi if all this is correct but who knows.

    If my little explaination was poorly written, the images from this should help.

    DVI pics

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    ps3 will get better later

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    33 for my $.02...I have a 47" widescreen 1080i projection TV made by Panasonic. I bought it new in 2004. I also have a new Samsung 32" 1080p that I bought just to plug in my new PS3. Guess what?...The PS3, my modded xbox, my PS2, and my friend's 360 all look better on the projection TV. Biggest difference is in all of the words/numbers/basic graphics. They look smoother.

    On the LCD you notice pixelation and rough edges. I am using HDMI to DVI on the PS3. Stock cable on the 360 and RGB composite cables on PS2 and XBOX. I am not that impressed with my PS3. It does look great, but I was expecting a lot more. We played Madden on all systems and the Xbox looked better than the 360. The PS3 trumped all, but not by much. You can easily change the color/contrast on any TV to get it to look it's best. Those screen shots in the first few threads can't be right. They were just that...low res screen shots. You can tell just by looking at the top logo and writing. None of the consoles show jaggies like that on my TV. Might have been a mediocre TV. Blue-Ray movies don't look that much better than regular DVD-9...If you have a good TV...guess what...It looks better.

    Interesting side note...when I hooked up the PS3 using the RGB composite cables, the contrast changes dramatically. The PS2 looks better in composite than the PS3...clearly, the consoles are suited to perform best at their manufacturer's suggested settings. Personally, I didn't think the graphics could get much better...and they didn't. I'm not impressed. It's nice to have more detail, but great gameplay is great gameplay...It just depends on the titles. I plan on buying a Wii as soon as I can get my hands on one and my kids are anxious to play. They like the PS3, especially Motostorm (which you can download the demo), but they still prefer the xbox and the DS...mainly because of the titles. I'm not impressed with the sixaxis controller so far.

    The controller feels too light without the rumble. I've played the Nintendo and I like it. Time will make all things better. The PS3 feels and acts more like a PC with the extra features and that's what I'm hoping to exploit with new things coming out. Browsing the internet on the PS3 is no fun at cannot replace the computer, but I'm hoping I can network it in so I can access my in home ftp server to stream media. For now the modded xbox still gets more use because all of its features. Hopefully, the future will change that. The next year should be very exciting!!!

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    I agree 1080P should not be the goal of this generation of consoles and I hope most devs will acknowledge this as well and stay with 720P.

    That said here are my comments on the screens:
    "I agree with most of what you said, but there are a couple things.

    1. PS3 version has better lighting. If you translate the spanish below the picture he says illumination.
    2. Car models look better
    3. Entire scene looks sharper and more crisp. Due to 1080P?

    I acknowledge lesser textures, most likely due to 1080P.

    The water is odd. On the first set of pictures the 360 water looks good and is better than the PS3's water. On the second set if you look towards the lake you see the ripples, but they look stuck on and it almost appears the water on the PS3 has translucence/depth and appears to show reflections. Can also be seen when looking at the bow of the ship in the PS3 screen."

    What the CELL is going on?
    You'll notice, of course,most of these are ports, but if you look at Fight Night for the PS3 you can see more detail on the fighters. This shouldn't be surprising as EA had more time to optimize the game for the PS3 than most of those other titles. This tells us that developers aren't going to really put forth much effort making optimizations and I feel that games for both systems will end looking pretty much the same. I can't blame the developers as that is alot of time and money to optimize for two consoles.

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    The "second set of pictures" in my previous post are refering to these: But of course they are dead now.

    These work, but are much smaller and it's harder to see what I was talking about:

    I think in game like RR I prefer the PS3 presentation, brighter and smoother with better car models. Perhaps on a game like Forza or GT I would prefer better background textures.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    rr6_360_201.jpg   rr7_ps3_949.jpg  

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    Even the development on ps3 will get easier, that's also true for xbox360. The bottomline is dev&opt on ps3 are not easy, and the cost is huge...

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    That's not the reason they're releasing the games on multi-platforms. Sure, it might be part of it, but mostly it's because $ony is putting less emphasis on keeping developers to develop games just for their console. $ony isn't helping third party developers conquer problems they might have with the PS3's hardware, but since the 360 has already been out for a year, they know that technology better than the PS3.

    In that sense, yes they are going towards multi-platforms because they know there are larger profits in investing in both consoles. In a way, your logic is correct, but flawed as well because it isn't always 100% about the money.

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    what funny about this post is that people are starting making bias opinions that ps3 suck and 360 is great. how u know if the game company did this positive to 360 and negative to ps3. or theres some hardware/software problem why this glitches are happening to ps3. maybe it need software update. or maybe the company bias to other console why they made it good. or the guy took this is a xbox fanboy who took a screenshot in a sucky lcd with the ps3 and good lcd with 360.

    what i can say about this, its probably the company who made the game, they must have ported that game from 360 to ps3 thats why graphics didnt workout on ps3. or if the game was perfectly the same when they rls on both system -a glitch on ps3 software.

    making a conclusion that ps3 is bad and 360 is best, Itsnt the right time to judge whether that console is better than the other. draw a conclusion after a year had passed, if ur guess was right.

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    lol. lets just admit that a xbox fanboys will flame ps2 fanboys and vice versa. xbox fans wont admit defeat and same goes with ps2 fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zadig View Post
    The PS3 phenomena reminds me of the saturn. Before the saturn's launch every one and there brother bet their money on it's graphical superiority but the saturn turned out to be a flop. this seems even worse when you think sega had a big-a$$ console market share at that time.

    PS3 is a failure. Though the PS3 is capable of reaching far better results than the 360, no developer would deem the hard development process as cost and time effective. That is why the 360 looks better in those pictures.

    My advice is to sell your PS3 on ebay ASAP to the next idiot in line.
    Comments of an Xbox fan boy???

    Well I already had my 360 and sold it to raise cash for a PS3 after playing my mates, I got sucked into the hype of the 360 and never got what I expect out of it. Going on playability, games that WILL be available and other lesser requirements of a console the PS3>360.

    However the Wii will kick both these consoles behinds in terms of playability.

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