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    Personally I thought the PS2 was a superior machine, as an overall console. I didn't care the the xbox had better graphics, or that it was more hackable. The fact was that I enjoyed the games I had and there wasn't enough of a reason to shell out for an xbox.

    People who raved over the xbox or any console because of graphics are pretty much dumb. Im playing a game here, not holding a graphic judging fiesta. The 360 has a better controller then the xbox did, I couldnt take the xbox controller. The 360 would be considerable if I had extra cash, but right now I want the PS3 more.

    Like xboxing said, well just have to wait until the smoke clears and get some fair and unbiased reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilla View Post
    Look at most of Xbox 360's launch games. Half of them are previous-gen ports with uprezzed graphics.

    It takes time to become awesome.

    In my opinion though, the screens posted? They're so-so in difference. Sure, there's extra fences and other ultimately useless things on the 360. But things like the water and the actual vehicles seem to look better on the PS3. as well as the lighting/effects.
    Im glad im not the only one to think the ps3 side in those screenshots look better. The big differences are that things are missing, the things that remain (bridges, sky, water, vehicles) look much smoother and more detailed on the PS3 side. Perhaps things are missing because either they are timed events in the game, or that the two are not the same game (shock!).

    Anyways, the ps3 won't look better than the 360 for some time until developers get the hang of programming for it... which they will. PS2 is still the hardest to program for system in current-gen, but that didn't stop it from having the largest library by far. And of course the system with the best exclusive games is the best overall (which is why ps2 dominated last-gen), so we will just have to see. PS3 seems to have the best exclusives lined up tho (Wii notwithstanding).
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    Look, they both have awsome graphics. Yesterday when I was doin' my training at the BestBuy, I saw this xbox360 setup hooked up to a kickass Samsung LCD HDTV. Some guys were playing (what looked like burnout?) and it looked f'in amazing. I was actually pretty surprised because I haven't really witnessed the xbox 360 in person, and on that sexy LCD, it was not bad, not bad at all.

    Also just so you do know, the xbox 360 is easier (or should be) to develop for since it does use the MS DirectX language (a more familiar platform). It takes time (as some have already stated) for developers to get familiar with the programming language and ect on a system like the PS3.

    Anyways. Both systems are great, and they both should offer their own unique experiances.
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    Hmhm, it could be me, but i like the PS3 side better, i wont say i think the graphics are better, but i like the graphics better.

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    From what I heard from an EA developer, they have only been able to utilize about 10% of the CPU power for their next gen titles right now. There are certainly rooms for improvement. With that being said, I think xbox 360 has a more advance GPU than ps3's. I don't know if that's a good decision, but I'm getting a PS3 because it has more functionalities, freedom and a great platform to learn some parallel programming.

    Another plus for ps3 is free online multiplayer games, if PC shooters can stay free why can't the consoles shooters do the same? Many of the next gen titles are coming to both platform anyway, the only title that I will miss from xbox 360 is gears of war, I personally don't care about halo 3.

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    wow the proof is in the pictures,the 360's graffix are way better.

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    Btw I also think the ps3 side looks better as it has smoother look that kinda emulates the effect of global illumination. If you look at the xbox side it can see the shadows have sharp contrast with the bright parts of the road. Some of you may think it's better, but in fact shadows like that requires much less power to render, that's why smooth shadowing costs so much more power to render. The best way to compare is to look out your window and see if the road looks more like the one from the xbox side or ps side.

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    hey eman, if you think the 360 looks good on that lcd, the 360 demo units at best buy are only in 480i through the component cables! (MS wont let us set it for 1080i)

    and we still havent gotten word on how well the ps3 network works. Because i'm sure if it really is that great, and beats xbox live, and remains free- microsoft will come up with something to combat that. whether it's making live free, offering something else for the people that have paid for live.

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    I think the PS3 side is more -uhm- friendly to look at, its a lil warmer to i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    I guess all these rants & raves will continue to flood the forum. My take: Wait until the end of 2007, to see where all 3 consoles stand. I wouldn't be surprised if xbox 360 prevails as the online console choice, ps3 as the gaming and video (entertainment) choice (though, only for those that can afford expensive 1080p sets... compared to 720p), and Wii to be EVERYONE's affordble past time console -kids and adults.
    Yep. My friend got an Xbox on launch, and me shortly after, and even though the xbox was graphically superior, and had better online titles, I ended up playing my PS2 more. I have a v3 ps2 and it still goes on more than my 360 and xbox put together (ahem Final Fantasy XII). I kinda predicted what market the xbox and 360 were aiming at from the start, and have a rough idea what market the PS3 will be aimed at.

    Personally, I see myself playing the PS3 more than my 360 as well (RPGs and Anime titles, GUNDAM!!! and 2D/3D Fighters)

    As a side note, the gfx (in those screenshots) of the 360 looked sharper, but the lighting in the PS3 looked higher quality. All down to personal preference really. They both are supposed to run as smooth as silk though (well, my R6 does), so I'll see when I get my hands on a PS3



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