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    320g slim or 40g fat jb decision help?

    hi all, i bought a new 320g slim the other day. i'm not sure if i should use this for jb and format my 40g fat and upgrade it to 3.50 for online gaming etc or keep it as is and use the slim for jb.. are there any diffs between jb them eg more games work on slim?

    i want to use the 320g so i can have more games eg red dead etc and the others with big files as jb.. what do you think is better... much appreciated any advice.

    cheers mick

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    Game compatibility is the same on both fat and slim so that is a non issue.

    What ever one you JB I would use the one with the largest internal HD. The harddrives are interchangable, just have to format them after the switch and lose any thing you might have on them.

    The one downside with the slim is the lack of a power switch, this can be overcome with a simple power strip.

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