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Thread: 3.56 ofw hdd upgrade help?

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    elser1 Guest

    3.56 ofw hdd upgrade help?

    i'm on 356ofw can i upgrade my int hdd.. i 0nly have thee 40gig and it really isnt enough anymore.. is this possible or is it blocked or messed up with this fw.. also what speed and type 2.5 drive i need all work? any suggest on a 500gig or so greatly thanks..
    cheers mikee

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    Recorator Guest
    As far as I know the second 3.56 ofw that was released fixed the fault that occured when upgrading HDD. It should be fine to upgrade now. It will ask you to format the new drive but as long as you back up your original data, you can restore it back on once the upgrade has been completed.

    As far as speed type goes. I'm sorry I don't know. I upgraded to a 320gb HDD a long while ago and have had no problems. I think thats more than enough also and you can pick them up for reasonable prices too.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    severusx Guest
    You need to download the fixed version of 3.56 here:

    Make sure that you upgrade to that OFW version BEFORE trying to swap the drive. As far as the rest goes, I don't really think that having a high speed drive makes much difference. I have a 500GB WD Caviar Blue in mine and it works fine. It has a ton of reviews saying that it has no issues with the PS3 so that's what I would recommend.

    Do not exceed 1.5 TB in size though, as I don't think the PS3 can read the 64k block size drives (1.5 TB+).

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    elser1 Guest
    i got the 1st 3.56 like the day it came out in australia... will it upgrade to the FIXED version... thanks for the info.

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    Transient Guest
    You'll probably have to install the fixed version of 3.56 via the recovery console.

    As for the speed of the drive, I'm using an eSATA 3.5" desktop drive which is connected to my PS3 with a homemade cable (that way I can use a much larger and cheaper HDD than is available in 2.5"). Anyway, the desktop drive should be much quicker, but I honestly see no difference on my PS3.

    Also, a word of advice. Before purchasing a specific hard drive, check and see what other people who have installed it in their PS3 have to say about it. A good site to check is (good place to buy too). Search the feedback for PS3 and make sure people are saying it works good. Some drives can be a bit flaky and give errors or cause the XMB to stutter and pause.

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    theone1982 Guest
    If satisfied with answer, please mark this as answered.

    And good luck in your upgrade my friend :-)

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