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    3.56 Downgrade with NAND programmer possible?

    I've heard many mixed responses on the issue, personally if it is possible with a NAND programmer I'm sure going to give it a worthwhile shot.

    I've heard some parts of the NAND are console specific, so dumping the NAND from one console and re-flashing it possibly won't work. Any advice or tips on this issue please?

    (I got a second PS3 in the mail today with YLOD from a friend for 30 so... Always fancied dumping the NAND and tinkering around a little bit, Plus since we have no exact date for a 3.56 CFW I've got nothing to lose )

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    I think that is a near impossible task that you are trying to undertake. It seems difficult enough to fix corrupted nand with the same firmware, let alone downgrading from 3.56.

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    I wouldn't go on saying its impossible, Difficult yes. As they say until you try it you don't know.

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    Look up USB Bitbanger there is an open source attempt to do just this.

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